Discovering, stimulating one's curiosity, understanding the stakes

Rich and diverse themes and perspectives

Bitcoin piques our curiosity, but Gosh how hard it is to get a clear picture! This extraordinary technology can sometimes seem out of reach. But think again! Nothing could be further from the truth! My talks are a gateway to this social phenomenon, making it accessible to everyone.

Discovering Bitcoin often begins with a child’s first look marveling at the invention and history of money. A simple insight that rekindles a forgotten link with humanity: touching, fascinating!

Intrigued, we can also take a look at the mysterious genesis of Bitcoin and its inevitable rise: a real fairy tale, an epic! That’s when you realize just how much this discovery respond to our insatiable drive for freedom.

Analogies abound, underlining the unprecedented scope of Bitcoin. One thing is certain: this technology is to financial culture and the exchange of value what Gutenberg’s printing press was to literacy and the spread of knowledge! Historic, civilisational!

Relevant insights into current events

There’s no shortage of exciting conference topics! In the space of an afternoon or evening, you can open your mind to the growing influence of Bitcoin in society. We understand the technological superiority of this money in the face of failing monetary systems. And we find ourselves totally surprised and amazed by its economic, social and environmental virtues!

We often fail to realize it, but Bitcoin is a technology beacon of hope. And the world needs it! To convince ourselves of this, let’s examine the effect of the various characteristics of money on our culture, our values and our behavior; let’s realize the extent to which money influences our relationship with the world, with time, with work and with our family.

And of course, let’s keep our feet on the ground and seize the opportunity of this conference to understand where, when and how Bitcoin is going to change our habits in relation to money: transactions, savings, investments, and so on. And how about a fun first hands-on experience?

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