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Throughout the project cycle

We support you throughout the project cycle:

1. Initiation

Identification of needs/opportunities; Definition of objectives/scope/results; Analyses (context, stakeholders, feasibility, etc.); Launch document.

2. Planning

Definition of the log-frame, Gantt chart; Communications plan; Stakeholder engagement strategy; Risks analysis, etc.

3. Implementation

Support during implementation, on communications ; Training ; Partnership management; Change management

4. Evaluation and closure

Monitoring and evaluation; Risk management; Progress reports, accountability; Documenting lessons learned; etc.

A wide range of contexts

Bitcoin is used in a variety of sectors and geographies. The projects we support typically fall within the following contexts:

  • Loyalty programmes
  • Payment solutions
  • Bitcoin as a treasury asset
  • Heating whilst mining Bitcoin
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • AI and IoT
  • etc.
  • Economic, social, and environmental impact
  • Education and financial inclusion
  • Women empowerment 
  • Poverty reduction
  • Decarbonisation, reduction of GHG emissions

The resources they mobilise with their private partners to support behavioural changes of an unprecedented kind must be used as strategically as possible.

Impatience and haste lie in wait. Ignoring our own biases and bypassing endogenous development processes can quickly lead to failure. Let’s be vigilant! The spectre of infantilizing paternalism is ever present.

  • Articulating the strategy around virtuous guiding principles, including the adages of bitcoiners: Low time preference! Learn by doing! Let’s share the best practices! There’s no free lunch! Don’t Trust: Verify!
  • Conduct in-depth analyses of the context and stakeholders, examine their respective risks and motivations in order to define an appropriate incentive scheme, the relevant activities and their appropriate sequencing.
  • Seek ways to develop leadership amongst all stakeholders

It is absolutely critical to draw inspiration from successful practices and avoid repeating the same mistakes that have led to so many failures over the decades.

We can tap into 20 years of learning accumulated through our research, programme evaluation and project management assignments in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Our proven experience in working with users, entrepreneurs, education stakeholders, members of the various levels of government (local, regional, federal) and ministries, and other donors means we can work alongside you to deliver quality results!



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