Carve your own path

Now that you have completed the “First Steps” core course you are all set for the tailored learning. Take a few minutes to discover our map and reflect on any specific goal you want to achieve. Does one of our suggestions matches your needs?    

The 4-quadrant map helps you carve your own path across vast fields of knowledge, drawing distinctions between essential dimensions of Bitcoin.

Every piece of educational material collated in the quadrants come with a level tag (1: basic, 3: intermediate; 3: expert) attached to it.

A holistic map

4 Complementary Dimensions

We will venture into four dimensions to uncover what Bitcoin is and the many way it influences us. They are encapsulated in the four quadrant-map below: the two upper (U) quadrants deal with you individually, whilst the lower (L) quadrants look into collective realities: society and systems.  Hover over/tap them to uncover their content. 

My Subjective Experience

In the upper left (UL) quadrant you will uncover:

How 1 influences your personal worldview, your relation to time, work, and your values. How your state of mind and emotions evolve.


In the upper right (UR) quadrant you will learn:

How 1 changes your money-related habits (e.g. transactions, savings, investments, loans) and other aspects of your life

Our shared

In the lower left (LL) quadrant you will unearth:

How 1 changes our culture: our shared meanings and values, our morals, our language and the quality of our relationships

Our Systems
& Society

In the lower right (LR) quadrant you will explore:

1 the network and protocol, its prehistory, how it competes with other monetary systems, as well as its pervasive influences on society as a whole.

Further insights into the approach

The map unpacks the complexity of Bitcoin whilst conveying the perspective of the paradigm shift it is bringing about. Paradigm shifts change everything from how you and I behave to how our society organises, and from our perceptions and meaning-making to the worldviews we collectively shape.

The upper and lower right quadrants describe Bitcoin and its influence in concrete and measurable terms, how it transforms our individual behaviours, and highlighting how it disrupts whole systems. Think of it as the visible tip of an iceberg.

In contrast, the upper and lower left quadrants reveal how adopting Bitcoin changes us from within, in subjective yet recognizable terms, and how its growing entrenchment in society influences the whole culture, with predictable changes arising in this inter-subjective space.

There is much interplay between the four quadrants. Bitcoin introduces a whole set of incentives irresistibly fostering its adoption. Little by little, we see individuals, families, organisations and governments alike step back, revisit their understanding of money, reassess social constructs taken for granted, change their time preference, revive their core values and realign their deeds accordingly.

This goes deep within: it largely happens below the surface, it's the invisible part of the iceberg. That's what makes Bitcoin so strong, stable, antifragile. That's how it spreads, how it grew such a massive brand effortlessly without the need for any marketing department.

Goal setting

Follow these steps...

You may have set your learning objectives already. In all cases, we recommend that you take a quick look at the numerous themes addressed in each quadrant.
Click on them to get an overview of what they cover.

Draw a list of topics - ideally covering all 4 quadrants - that you want to study. Make sure you aim to acquire practical skills - in the UR quadrant. It is only by interacting with Bitcoin - e.g. generating a seed phrase, using a wallet, exploring the mempool - that you will start realizing the magnitude of this breakthrough discovery. 

Review contents of a level matching your aptitude. Feel free to keep deepening a given topic: no need to complete all Level content before exploring Level materials.

Recommended milestones

It guarantees a smooth, safe and balanced start, building the foundation for what will undoubtedly be a rich and exciting learning process. Enjoy the Bitcoin rabbit hole!!!

Bridge this critical knowledge gap! That's in LR quadrant , theme "Become aware of the overall context", category "Money and monetary systems". Study "History/ Evolution of money" and "Money Defects/ Bitcoin Superiority". Start with Level material. 

You already learned the Bitcoin Basics. Dig a bit deeper now and learn about Bitcoin the software, the networks (BTC and Lightning) and its stakeholders. That's under the theme "Understand the Bitcoin system".

Learn through practice in the UR quadrant : buy some bitcoin, learn to receive and send it, sell it, store it on different types of wallets... Explore the mempool. Make micro payments on Lightning Network... Experiment! That's under "Become your own bank".

Understand and integrate the emotional ride which people experience along the 4-year Bitcoin market cycle. Learn how HODLing bitcoin brings serenity. This is in the UL quadrant under "Emotional Work".

Discover how the properties of money (e.g. its hardness) influence our shared values, morals, and even aesthetics. This is in the LL quadrant under "The influence of monetary systems on culture".

Key points

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