A Few Essential Books

Here is a selection of very relevant books dealing exclusively with Bitcoin or covering topics that make it easier to understand. The books are grouped by level to accompany your descent into the Bitcoin rabbit hole: 

  1. Falling in the rabbit hole
  2. Higher stratas
  3. Mid-level stratas 
  4. Deep stratas

In addition to these 4 categories, there is a selection of key books to help you understand the general context. All these books are excellent. Which ones to buy? In which order? These indicators can guide you in these choices:



novice, intermediate, expert 

article and/or podcast available here (link). 

read in priority

Falling into the rabbithole - Intro & practical guidance


The Bullish Case for Bitcoin – Vijay Boyapati (2019)


The Little Bitcoin Book – Bitcoin Collective  (2019)


Why Buy Bitcoin – Andy Edstrom (2019)


Why Bitcoin – Tomer Strolight (2022)

Higher stratas - Developing the concepts


The Internet of Money volume 1- Antonopoulos (2016)

The Bitcoin Standard – Saifedean Ammous (2018)

21 Lessons – Gigi (2019) 

Inventing Bitcoin – Yan Pritzker (2019)  

The Internet of Money – Vol II. Antonopoulos (2017) 

The Internet of Money – Vol III. Antonopoulos (2019) 

The Fiat Standard – Saifedean Ammous (2022)

Bitcoin: Everything divided by 21 million– Knut Svanholm (2022)

The TimeChain Codex – FractalEncrypt and Tomer Strolight (2022)

Insights into the macro context

The Price of Tomorrow – Jeff Booth (2020) 

The Changing World Order– Ray Dalio (2022)


The Sovereign IndividualDale Davidson et Rees-Mogg (2000)

The Road to Serfdom – Friedrich Hayek (2013)  

The Fourth Turning – Strauss et Howe (1997)

Mid-level Stratas - Expanding upon the concepts

Deep Stratas - Specific technical Expertise

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