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«Ça y est, nous y voilà… au crépuscule de ce long cycle économique. Les crises et leurs boucs émissaires se succèdent. Mais le voile qui se lève nous révèle un monde fragile et désorienté. Impassible, Bitcoin poursuit sa fulgurante ascension, reprend son souffle, repart de plus belle, imposant jour après jour le langage d’une ère nouvelle. Je m’appelle Jacques-Edouard. Bienvenue sur BTC TouchPoint ! Chaque semaine, au travers de lectures et de conversations, je vous mets le pied à l’étrier, je partage avec vous les savoirs fondamentaux pour comprendre Bitcoin.»

Other Podcasts

Here is a sample of podcasts which content quality, sensitivity, and unique perspectives of the podcasters I find particularly inspiring:


novice – intermediate – expert


Parlons Bitcoin - Emmanuel construction

Le cours du Bitcoin monte et descend. Pourquoi ? Qu’est-ce que le Bitcoin ? Parlons Bitcoin c’est le podcast francophone qui t’aide à parler Bitcoin et à démystifier cette nouvelle technologie, un pas à la fois. Emmanuel compte parmi les tous premiers bitcoiners podcaster francophone. Contenu riche et varié et grandes qualités humaines !

Comprendre Bitcoin - Bitstack / Loïc Morel construction

Bienvenue sur “Comprendre Bitcoin”, le podcast 100% Bitcoin de Bitstack présenté par Loïc Morel. Un podcast de qualité pour découvrir Bitcoin et approfondir vos connaissances dans un langage simple, clair, accessible à tous. Au programme des émissions : les essentiels de Bitcoin à connaître, du décryptage, des analyses, des interviews, des retours sur l’actualité, des astuces et bien plus. Bitcoin vous intéresse ? Ce podcast est fait pour vous !


Bitcoin Audible - Guy Swann construction

The best of Bitcoin made audible ! Guy Swann is THE reference when it comes to reading and commenting on the best texts on Bitcoin. A titanic work, a quality of reading and thinking… : mega source of inspiration for us !

Stephan Livera Podcast construction

Stephan covers a wide range of topics with enormous talent: economics, use of Bitcoin tools, payment technologies, privacy techniques… 

What is Money - Robert Breedlove construction

Robert Breedlove invites us to partake long philosophical discussions. Their common denominator is the starting question “What is money?” which leads us to reflect on the most essential questions of our human condition. Fascinating! 

TFTC - Marty Bent construction

Marty discusses both the technical aspects of Bitcoin and the characteristics of the society it is breaking into. Marty engages in lengthy dialogues with exceptional guests sharing their non-conformist views on a world in crisis. Something to broaden our perspectives!

What Bitcoin Did - Peter McCormack construction

What Bitcoin Did is an easy-to-access, general podcast that covers the latest topics and meets the most popular personalities in the industry. Straight from Bedford!

The Bitcoin Standard - Saifedean Ammous construction

Saifedean discusses Bitcoin and economics from the perspective of the Austrian school of economics and willingly deals with his guests on the decrepitude of our civilization, analyzing the perverse incentive systems that undermine the foundations of our societies (e.g. education, agriculture, food, health, research). Critical, caustic, usually highly relevant.

Once Bitten - Daniel Prince construction

Daniel (assisted by his daughter Lauren) takes us into the lives of creative and daring bitcoiners. The podcast addresses social issues such as education, nutrition and health. We understand that embracing Bitcoin often allows us to regain sovereignty over whole areas of our lives that have been lost to deleterious official narratives.      

Bitcoin Rapid Fire - John Vallis construction

John Vallis is completely fascinated by the changes Bitcoin is making in the minds of Bitcoiners. Like an anthropologist, he takes advantage of each new conversation to deepen his understanding of the phenomenon. Through dialogue, he explores the fertile metamorphoses that Bitcoin catalyzes in individual and collective value systems. A strong taste for philosophy, psychology and spirituality. 

Closing the Loop - John Vallis construction

In this other podcast, John Vallis talks to the entrepreneurs, developers and thinkers who are helping Bitcoin evolve. The podcast looks at solutions for censorship-resistant communication and new models for monetizing content, among other things.

Citadel Dispatch - ODELL constructionconstruction

Conversations mostly about the technical development of Bitcoin and its environment with a strong focus on issues of anonymity, privacy, and censorship resistance. 100% publicly funded. No sponsors. No advertising.

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