The Timechain Codex

Timechain Codex is the graphic novel adaptation of Dhruv Bansal’s  “Bitcoin Astronomy: Parts I and II” articles  FractalEncrypt Arts – Midjourney-assisted   Tomer Strolight  Edition  What a magnificent story! Such a superb novel! With a myriad of splendid images illustrating a brilliant and astoundingly logical scenario. TimeChain Codex is an immersive read where, over the millennia, we follow in wonder […]

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Gradually, Then Suddenly #7 – Bitcoin, Not Blockchain

Parker LewisSeptember 6, 2019Initially published on Unchained Capital Blog   Have you ever heard a smart sounding friend say that they aren’t sure about bitcoin but they believe in blockchain technology? This is like saying you believe in airplanes but you’re not sure about the wings; and there’s a good chance that anyone who thinks

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