The Timechain Codex

Timechain Codex is the graphic novel adaptation of Dhruv Bansal’s  Bitcoin Astronomy: Parts I and II” articles 

Arts – Midjourney-assisted  

Tomer Strolight  

What a magnificent story! Such a superb novel! With a myriad of splendid images illustrating a brilliant and astoundingly logical scenario. TimeChain Codex is an immersive read where, over the millennia, we follow in wonder and anxiety the heartbeat of humanity engaged in an intergalactic odyssey assisted by its timechains.

A real masterpiece created by bitcoiners for all lovers of graceful science fiction! It’s also a great and unexpected educational tool: each of the nine books below guides us further down the Bitcoin rabbit hole! – Download

the authors


Excellent conversation between John Valllis and FractalEncrypt: We get to know the artist and learn a lot about the AI-Midjourney assisted creative process. Deep technical and philosophical reflections on the impact of Artificial Intelligences on the artist’s work. Fascinating!

Tomer Strolight

Tomer Strolight on BTC TouchPoint is no longer in the news, as his work in educating people about Bitcoin is so relevant. Here you can find a selection of his writings translated and podcasted. Below are two very nice documentaries by Tomer. Hats off to him!

Rate of change, AI : reflections of sci-fi master

“Society is always changing, but its rate of change has only been accelerating […] in part because change is cumulative […] It is when the industrial revolution came into being that this rate of change became so rapid that it was visible to the population within a single lifetime. People realised that not only are things changing but that they will continue to do so after their death… And it was at this time that Science Fiction emerged as a literary genre. – Isaac Asimov

“For the first time, we will be free, humanity will be free” – Isaac Asimov, last interview.

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