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The Timechain Codex

Timechain Codex is the graphic novel adaptation of Dhruv Bansal’s  “Bitcoin Astronomy: Parts I and II” articles  FractalEncrypt Arts – Midjourney-assisted   Tomer Strolight  Edition  What a magnificent story! Such a superb novel! With a myriad of splendid images illustrating a brilliant and astoundingly logical scenario. TimeChain Codex is an immersive read where, over the millennia, we follow in wonder […]

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Political, Institutional, and Cultural Cycles

The fourth turning The Fourth Turning deals with history, political science, sociology, demography and philosophy. Its authors Neil Howe and William Strauss argue that history unfolds according to a precise and predictable cycle that they highlight in American history. It is a recurring generational cycle, the pattern of which can also be observed in other

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The Evolution of Accounting Techniques Source Anil @anilsaidso Triple-Entry Accounting Double entry accounting is the basic principle of the accounting system used by all companies and organisations. It is based on the idea that an organisation’s transactions and financial position can be represented by accounts. Each account contains the history of changes in the monetary

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